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Our Services

What we do

We help teams of all sizes work better together by creating custom solutions using Atlassian ecosystem products and services.  There is a wide spectrum of how we work with customers, from low-touch to high-touch, working together with your team, through to our full managed service.

Tailored Training

We offer a range of tailored training services for customers requiring materials and exercises focused on differentiated roles, processes, policies and technology.

This training can be organised to cover the multiple platforms and technologies used by your team. For example, it might be desirable to combine an introduction to Jira Software with how your team use either Advanced Roadmaps or BigPicture to run a Project Management Office.

In addition we can help you successfully implement new technologies into your team with a tailored training program.
Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset
Confluence Essentials
Confluence and Jira together
Jira Service Desk Administration

Want to know more?

If you would like to discuss how Togetha Group can help your business, please book some time or send the team an email.

Use us for Licence Management

As an Atlassian Solutions Partner, Togetha Group supplies software licenses and subscriptions for Atlassian Data Center and Cloud products.

We also provide licenses for third party Apps from the Atlassian Marketplace to enhance your Atlassian products and services. You can choose to buy your software licenses directly from Atlassian, however, by choosing Togetha Group, we provide additional benefits to you with no down-side. You still have a direct relationship with Atlassian via your technical contact.

The benefits

  • Quotes provided by Togetha Group are valid for ninety days, not thirty
  • Payment due twenty days from the supply of licenses (approved clients only)
  • Quotes available in AUD or USD
  • Co-terming licenses; align all Atlassian products and services to expire at the same time. Co-terming reduces procurement paperwork and approvals
  • Dedicated license portfolio management; we will monitor your licenses and advise in advance of renewals or price increases (as we are aware)
  • Review your Atlassian footprint to ensure you get the greatest value for money
  • Pick and choose from our services to have one bill that meets your needs
  • Preferential Atlassian University training rate

Government approved procurement

The Togetha Group team have extensive experience with Australian Government procurement. We are on the Digital Transformation Agencies Marketplace, Cloud and Software Panels. Click here to see our profile.‍

Custom Configuration

We implement and configure Atlassian Solutions which help your teams work better together. We configure Atlassian products and services to support your team, your processes and your systems. If an Atlassian add-on (or App) can help you, we will research and implement it for you.

Some Configuration Options

  • Review and remediation of existing environments, security, workflows, dashboard, etc.
  • Integration of different Atlassian products and services, for example: Jira with Bitbucket or Confluence
  • Integration with other platforms (e.g. Cherwell, Sharepoint, ServiceNow)
  • Source and implement Atlassian Marketplace Apps to ensure a solution to meet your entire needs. eg. SAFe PI planning (Easy Agile Programs), Intranet (Seibert-Media, Linchpin, etc.)
  • Creating Confluence templates, configuring integration with MS Word, etc.
  • Best practice advice for using Atlassian products to help take your teams to the next level, even if you have already been using Atlassian products
  • Creating custom Jira dashboards and boards for your teams

Software as a service (SaaS)

Some Atlassian products are only provided online, such as StatusPageAtlassian Access and OpsGenie, but most products can be hosted either on the Atlassian Cloud, or Data Centre at your premises, or with your hosting provider.

We supply Atlassian Data Center Products ‘as a service’ in Australian Data Centres managed by National Security Cleared personnel.

In conjunction with our configuration and support services, our SaaS offering allows you to get the right solution to meet your security and feature requirements.

Atlassian Cloud

  • Monthly billing or Annual billing
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Access from anywhere
  • Data resides overseas and in Australia
  • Constantly increasing Apps available on the Cloud service

Australian Data Centre hosted services

  • Annual billing for Atlassian licences
  • Broader configuration options with Atlassian Data Center than Atlassian Cloud services which allows for more control over your product
  • Data and services supplied and restricted to Australia
  • We offer Protected or Unclassified options
  • More configuration options with more than 3500 Apps available


Every organisation can benefit from our expert reviews and support to supplement their team. We provide ad-hoc or ongoing support to clients, including:
  • On-call support for your critical solutions
  • Upgrade or migrate to Data Center from Server
  • Migration to Atlassian Cloud
  • Migration to a hosted Protected hosting service
  • Implement new Atlassian Marketplace Apps or SSO
  • We can provide you with a dedicated Jira administrator or provide support for your existing Jira administration
  • Training and coaching for your Jira administrators, Scrum teams and executives

Togetha news and views

If you want to know more about how we help organisations work better together, please email us with your contact details. We never share your information with third parties and we promise not to bombard you!

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