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We are Atlassian Solution and Training Partners.

About Us

The Atlassian Experts

Togetha Group are expert Atlassian Solution and Authorised Training Partners, we primarily work with government and enterprises, but enjoy working with nimble businesses too.

Our Services

Configure and Support

We help teams of all sizes work better together creating custom solutions using Atlassian ecosystem products and services. We work with customers in a variety of ways; from low-touch to high-touch, working together with your team, through to our full managed service.

Our Partners

Atlassian Partners

Not only are we Atlassian Partners, but we partner with other companies in the Atlassian ecosystem and Australian based expert businesses.

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Work Better Together

Creating Collaboration

One of the greatest challenges faced by teams working together to deliver a service or project/program is to ensure they do this with genuine collaboration. Our services ensure they do so seamlessly, efficiently and with agility.

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Work Better Togetha

Training Programs

Not only do we create customised Atlassian Solutions for organisations we offer custom training programs and Atlassian developed training. Our training helps elevate team output and the on-boarding of new team members efficiently.

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If you want to know more about how we help organisations work better together, please email us with your contact details. We never share your information with third parties and we promise not to bombard you!

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